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Top 10 Providers

  1. Newshosting
  2. UseNetServer
  3. NewsDemon
  4. Astraweb
  5. Easynews
  6. ThunderNews
  7. NewsgroupDirect
  8. Ngroups.NET
  9. Supernews
  10. Giganews

Provider Specials

  1. Newhosting
    $9.99 a mo
    $99 a year
  2. UseNetServer
    $10 a month
    $95 a year
  3. NewsDemon
    $9.99 a month
  4. Easynews
    $9.95 a month
  5. Astraweb
    $11 a month
    $96 a year

Free Usenet Trials

  1. Easynews
    10 GB Free Trial
  2. Newhosting
    30 GB Free Trial
  3. UseNetServer
    10 GB Free Trial
  4. NewsDemon
    15 GB Free Trial
  5. Ngroups
    5 GB Free Trial

Al Franken on Net Neutrality

This is an amazing discussion between Senator Al Franken and Justice Sotomayor. Whatever your political persuasion, the First Amendment arguments put forth by everyone's favorite Senator — Al Franken — are an important reflection on the online mechanisms we use to share everything from our opinions to our legally owned content. Sotomayor initially defers on the role of the court — she basically throws the question of net neutrality back in the lap of Congress and the governmental agencies they have currently assigned to oversee the Internet as a communications medium — but she does so in pretty thoughtful way. And in a way that furthers our understanding of what we really mean when we talk about rights. Chances are, if you are interested in Usenet and/or in P2P systems in general, you have some pretty strong beliefs about our favorite penumbral right to the Constitution, privacy. If so, and you haven't seen this, take a look.