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Top 10 Providers

  1. Newshosting
  2. UseNetServer
  3. NewsDemon
  4. Astraweb
  5. Easynews
  6. ThunderNews
  7. NewsgroupDirect
  8. Ngroups.NET
  9. Supernews
  10. Giganews

Provider Specials

  1. Newhosting
    $9.99 a mo
    $99 a year
  2. UseNetServer
    $10 a month
    $95 a year
  3. NewsDemon
    $9.99 a month
  4. Easynews
    $9.95 a month
  5. Astraweb
    $11 a month
    $96 a year

Free Usenet Trials

  1. Easynews
    10 GB Free Trial
  2. Newhosting
    30 GB Free Trial
  3. UseNetServer
    10 GB Free Trial
  4. NewsDemon
    15 GB Free Trial
  5. Ngroups
    5 GB Free Trial

#4 — GrabIT by


GrabIT Overview

GrabIT is one of the easiest Usenet content downloaders in the world. With GrabIt you can search and download any content on Usenet news servers, without downloading gigabytes of headers. Check out the service plans:

GrabIT Plans

Name Features Price FREE Trial


Start Trial

Enhanced Version offers:

  • Search results increased to 10,000
  • Unlimited use of the Browser
  • Increased binary browses
FREE or $2.49/mo USD None

GrabIT Key Benefits

  1. No Headers Browsing: New revolutionary way of working with Usenet. Instead of downloading a large amount of headers, GrabIt allows you to just go to a group and browse the contents without downloading headers.
  2. No Headers Searching: Tired of downloading megabytes of headers just to see if there is anything available you want? Try the new GrabIt search and you will never use Usenet like you did before! Instantly find and download all posts on Usenet matching your search keywords.
  3. Automatic Binary File Repair and Extraction: You no longer have to check, repair and extract your downloads by hand. GrabIt will handle all of these tasks automatically. Fill up your batch and leave your PC running. When you come back all of your downloads will be ready to be used.
  4. SSL Support: GrabIt supports the ability to fully encrypt all your traffic to the Usenet server with industry standard SSL technology.
  5. NZB File Support: GrabIt has full-integrated support for the well-known NZB format. Just double click on a NZB file on your desktop and GrabIt will automatically download all the files that are described in the NZB file.
  6. User Interface: Care has been taken to make the downloading of binaries as fast and easy as possible. This is why most people love GrabIt.
  7. Fast Selection, Download and Decode: See a binary you want, select it and GrabIt does the rest. It will download and combine all parts and decode your binary to the location you specified.
  8. Simultaneous Downloading and Decoding: Download up to eight articles at the same time! Don't waste valuable online time while waiting for a binary to decode! GrabIt will decode in the background so the downloading will only stop when you want it to.
  9. Pause Function: GrabIt is fast! That is why it can sometimes be difficult to download from the Internet with other software while using GrabIt. No problem! Just hit the pause button, download your stuff and hit the pause button again. GrabIt will resume the download like nothing happened.
  10. Exact Resume: Don't waste time and bandwidth downloading data again and again. GrabIt remembers where you stopped or paused your download and will resume from the exact same article.
  11. Advanced Error Checking: GrabIt continuously monitors incoming data while downloading. This insures that binaries are correctly downloaded and avoids having to download all parts again to fix a communication error in the middle of your binary. GrabIt can even repair and recover from some common errors without downloading extra data.
  12. Multiple Server Support: With GrabIt you can use all your favorite news servers within the same session. Whether you want to work with 1, 10, or thousands of news servers, with GrabIt it's a breeze.
  13. Batch Overview: Watch all-important processes from within the same view! GrabIt shows you:
    • Download speed
    • Items, bytes and time downloaded
    • Items, bytes and time remaining
    • Exact status of all entries in the batch
  14. Find Option and Filters: Do you hate going through thousands of posts that you already downloaded to find the one binary you haven't got? With the advanced filters and find options in GrabIt you won't have to. Hide or show the articles you already downloaded. Match thousands of binaries and newsgroups with multiple keywords, with GrabIt it's done in seconds.
  15. Incremental Group Update: Don't download the same headers time after time. The Incremental Update feature of GrabIt is the fastest way to download new headers.
  16. Post Articles: Want to request a repost or thank somebody for their great post? With GrabIt running you don't have to start another newsreader to post a message. Just hit the post button, type your message and GrabIt takes care of the rest.
  17. Platform Compatibility: Windows.