Faster, Anonymous, Unbelievable Content


Top 10 Providers

  1. Newshosting
  2. UseNetServer
  3. NewsDemon
  4. Astraweb
  5. Easynews
  6. ThunderNews
  7. NewsgroupDirect
  8. Ngroups.NET
  9. Supernews
  10. Giganews

Provider Specials

  1. Newhosting
    $9.99 a mo
    $99 a year
  2. UseNetServer
    $10 a month
    $95 a year
  3. NewsDemon
    $9.99 a month
  4. Easynews
    $9.95 a month
  5. Astraweb
    $11 a month
    $96 a year

Free Usenet Trials

  1. Easynews
    10 GB Free Trial
  2. Newhosting
    30 GB Free Trial
  3. UseNetServer
    10 GB Free Trial
  4. NewsDemon
    15 GB Free Trial
  5. Ngroups
    5 GB Free Trial

Usenet Is Faster!

Usenet is consistently very fast — please notice that we used the words "consistently" and "very", as these are the major qualities distinguishing Usenet's speed statistics from all other filesharing technologies. In fact, Usenet is as fast or faster than its nearest speed competitors and much less dependent on the popularity of whatever it is you might be downloading. This means that Usenet's speed is nothing short of phenomonal. For rapid access to great content, particularly large files, Usenet is the best kept secret on the Internet. (Though we hope to change that).

There are any number of reasons for Usenet's superior speed:

  • Usenet operates on a client-server model. All of the file sharing is accomplished server-to-server across network backbones of enormous capacity — unlike other P2P technologies where your experience depends on whether other users have dial-up or DSL.
  • Also, the client-server model can be inherently faster than P2P provided the total number of simultaneous connections is competitive, and the number of connections offered by Usenet providers is always increasing.
  • Usenet uses a standardized Internet protocol, NNTP, with well defined network ports and support. While ISPs often throttle the speed of proprietary P2P protocols, NNTP is less often throttled. (Although it isn't unheard of — we recommend checking your ISP's policies before making a purchase).
  • Usenet providers are always competing for your business. This in turn means they compete to:
    • Field the highest number of powerful servers in locations around the world
    • Provide the highest capacity communications lines and infrastructure
    • Optimize their systems for maximum speed and reliability
    • Extend their ability to offer higher numbers of simultaneous connections

Important Note: Your experience of Usenet's speed will always be dependent on the speed of your Internet connection. Know the speeds guaranteed by your ISP's service plan, but then test the speed of your connection:

  • That your provider is living up to its agreements so that you can take full advantage of Usenet's high speeds; there's no sense investing in a Ferrari if you only drive in parking lots.
  • That your provider isn't throttling your Internet speed based on the type of usage.
  • That there aren't other factors — proxies, firewalls, switches/routers, wireless links, etc. — affecting your communications speed.